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Ken Livingstone sparks outrage after repeatedly bringing up Hitler in yet another live TV interview

He also said the allegations were part of a "smear" campaign against him. 
His comments prompted a flurry of criticism, with Labour politicians ad campaigners questioning angrily why the “irrelevant man” was acting as a spokesman on the issue. 
In the Friday morning interview, Mr Livingston said: "There's a lot of Jewish people - not just in Barnet but all over the place - that believe I said Hitler was a Zionist - that was the big smear on the day I was suspended.
"You only have to go on Jerusalem's Holocaust of the document's you can download is about Hitler's deal with the Zionists in the 30s. 
"Hitler wanted to get all the Jews out of Germany and the Zionists wanted to create a Jewish state in Palestine and so they collaborated to do that." 
He then referred to the Nazi party as “horrendous”. 
Speaking about the antisemitism row in Labour he added: “We have had a general secretary until very recently who just allowed this to bubble on … so many people suspended. 
He was then asked if he agreed that his repeated comments were “alienating the Jewish community in places like Barnet.”
“I have basically turned down almost every interview to talk about this as it is a distraction,” he responded. 
“During this last month we have had endless stories about Labour and antisemitism not getting across what we wanted to do in local government.” 
Labour’s Tulip Siddiq tweeted: “Please please get this irrelevant man off my TV screen.
Defeated Labour councillor Adam Langleben, who was ousted from his Barnet seat, posted: “Why the hell is Ken Livingstone on @SkyNews trying to explain the Barnet result???? Chuck him out.” 
Mr Langleben had earlier tweeted saying that the antisemitism row had “shamed” his party and said that Labour should “never have an election like this again”. 
Mr Langleben, a member of the Jewish Labour Movement national executive, said that the party had paid the price for not dealing with the antisemitism issue.
"For too many members of the Jewish community voting Labour yesterday was simply impossible, regardless of who the candidate was," he told Sky News. 
"In areas where there are high levels of Jewish population, we were punished and punished very badly by the voters. 
"The message to us locally in Barnet is clear that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership do not understand the problem, let alone have any attempt to deal with it."